View video presentations on BASF's Master Builders Solutions products, technology and projects.​

Ucrete Destruction Challenge – The World´s toughest Floor

​​We challenged Ucrete flooring in the most brutal fashion when bashing, boiling, pickling and freezing it – just to show you how tough Ucrete is. No special effects, no tricks, just brute force. 

Connected to succeed

The comprehensive portfolio under the Master Builders Solutions brand encompasses lasting solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of structures: Concrete admixtures, cement additives, chemical solutions for underground construction, waterproofing solutions, sealants, repair & protection solutions, performance grouts, performance flooring solutions.

Peak Performances by Master Builders Solutions

​The Master Builders Solutions brand serves more than 30,000 customers worldwide. In this video we can see some examples of BASF's contributions to the construction industry globally​

Technical Services Video

​BASF Construction Chemicals not only supplies a wide range of solutions, but also provides unequaled technical support. With access to a global network of BASF construction experts, the Master Builders Solutions Technical Services Team provides technical expertise and recommendations – from conception through to completion – to make sure that our partners understand the use and application of our products to allow faster and more efficient construction.​

BASF improves the concrete and the cement

​Concrete and cement are the basis for most construction projects -- but what are concrete and cement made of? And does chemistry from BASF h​elp to make the construction materials even more flexible, more durable and more resistant?

Solving your Challenges in Tunnelling and Mining

​​BASF, with its global underground construction team, is a world leader in the provision of reliable, customer-oriented solutions focused on the specific needs of tunneling and mining projects.
By accompanying the project right from the start and understanding individual circumstances and challenges, BASF contributes to the success of its customers. The Master Builders Solutions team supports its customers with product training and quality control. It is on hand around the clock and helps with technical advice and trouble shooting.​

MasterSeal Waterproofing Application Video

​Application of waterproofing systems in wet areas like bathroom, kitchen, balcony, water tank and planter box. From surface preparation to mixing of materials and applying the waterproof coating, this is a comprehensive step-by-step product application video using MasterSeal waterproofing and sealing, as well as MasterEmaco repair products from BASF.

Sustainable Water Cycle by BASF

​​A sustainable water cycle requires waterproofing for dams, reservoirs, clean water and waste water treatment plants, industrial waterproofing from roof to foundations including process water basins and storage tanks, secondary containment in- and outdoors, storm water reservoirs, irrigation channels, bio-digestors as well as food and beverage tanks.​

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