MasterRoc ACP 211 - Anti-clay agent for use in soft ground tunneling applications

Formerly: Rheosoil 211

How does MasterRoc ACP 211 work?

MasterRoc ACP 211 anti-clay agent is a liquid product designed to combat the problematic effects of heavy clay soils in soft ground tunneling.

Recommended for use:

  • Soft ground tunneling applications

What are the unique features of MasterRoc ACP 211?

  • Improves and homogenizes soil consistency
  • Reduces stickiness of difficult soils
  • Environmentally-preferable material
  • Compatible with BASF’s line of SLP soil conditioning foams and polymers

How does MasterRoc ACP 211 benefit contractors?

  • Reduces overall cutter head torque
  • Effectively reduces blockages in cutter heads, working chamber, and muck transfer system
  • Increases advance rate and lowers maintenance costs

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Brochure - Injection: MasterRoc ACP 211

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